Seal Design

Patented Interlocking Face

Because the seal faces are split, the halves need to align correctly to seal. This has been one of the key problems associated with the installation of Interlocking-face-940x528split seals and their sealing consistency.

The Interlocking Face eliminates this problem by uniquely keying the mating halves so that faces align correctly without having to manually work the face halves. Damage associated with handling and additional cleaning requirements are eliminated, which results in greater sealing reliability.

 Self-Aligning Face Design

The 442C™ Cartridge Split Seal can be installed without checking for face alignment or touching the sealing elements—the seal faces align themselves and do not have to be handled or worked. The gland assembly is installed around the rotary without inspecting face alignment. Quicker installations and enhanced reliability are the results!



Spring Lifter

The 442C uses a mechanism which automatically energizes the seal faces when the gland assembly is installed. During installation, the springs are not energized, minimizing potential installation damage which can occur. Split seal reliability is enhanced!


Easy Installation

T442C_Components_open-940-528he Chesterton 442C Cartridge Split Seal simplifies seal installation while also addressing sealing reliability at start-up.
With only two seal components, the 442C is easy to install and is engineered to enhance sealing reliability like no other cartridge split seal.