Food Industry Solution


Raw chocolate is a viscous, abrasive compound that can be difficult to seal. Chocolate is a food product and the sealing methods and operating parameters must conform to regulations and good practices.

A U.S chocolate factory wanted to seal all their tank agitators with mechanical seals to eliminate chocolate leakage and associated sleeve wear caused from sealing with compression packing.

Split seals were recommended to eliminate the need to dismantle the agitators as well as for installation simplicity.

Reducing or eliminating chocolate leakage would save valuable product and reduce the clean up and special disposal requirements for this operation.


The chocolate processing plant installed four 4.500 inch SC/SC EP Chesterton 442C Split Seals in one section of the facility.

The Chesterton 442C™ Cartridge Split Mechanical Seals were very simple to install and reliable at start up.

After installation, the tanks were filled with raw chocolate and agitators were operated. All agitators operated totally leak free.


The Chesterton 442C Split Seals have been in operation for several months.

  • The seals have operated leak free during
    this time frame, eliminating the clean up and disposal issues that were previously encountered
  • The customer was very pleased with the ease of installation and the performance of the Chesterton 442C Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal
  • Agitator shaft wear that was previously an issue has been eliminated
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