• Enhanced Design
• Simple Installation
• Greater Sealing Reliability

The 442C™ Cartridge
Split Mechanical Seal

442C™ Saves Plant
Three Million Gallons
of Water

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• Loreum Ipsum bullet here

Superior seal performance with the ease
of installation of a cartridge split


Simple and Reliable Sealing Solution

The Chesterton® 442C™ Cartridge Split Mechanical Seal is the latest innovation in split seal technology, combining superior seal performance with the ease of installation of a cartridge split seal. Our patented split seal technology addresses the inherent limitations found in conventional cartridge split seal designs, minimizing installation complications and excessive leakage. The 442C design also offers the greatest installation flexibility with its short axial length and flexible gland positioning. Custom gland design requirements to fit your equipment are minimized/reduced.


Easy Installation

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Enhanced design for simple installation and greater sealing reliability.


Interlocking Face

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V-grooves ensure positive automatic alignment of faces during assembly.


Automatic Self-Aligning

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The final alignment of the faces is done automatically as the gland bolts are tightened. The faces align themselves and do not have to be handled or worked.


Spring Lifter 

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Releases the stationary face halves during assembly of the gland, automatically energizing the springs when the gland halves come together.


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